Top Disney Video Games: A Short Guide

The Disney company has created many kinds of merchandise over the years to help promote their own brand and entertain their fans then one of the most exciting areas of this are the video games they have produced. With such a wide variety of characters and almost endless story possibilities, there have been some cracking Disney games released over the years. Here are some of our favourites.

Mickey Mania – Released in 1994 for both main platforms the Sega MegaDrive and Super NES, saw players take Disney’s main character through side scrolling levels based around the Mickey Cartoons from 1928 to 1990. This excellent platformer is a great solution to discover some of the history from Mickey’s early cartoons and is a great fun game as well. The game was also released on the PlayStation in Europe under a different name.

DuckTales – Based on the hit animated TV, DuckTales the video game was released for the NEW in 1989 (1990 in Europe) and followed Scrooge McDuck as he travelled the world trying to find treasure. The Capcom produced game was highly regarded at the time for its action and still is remembered fondly by fans of retro games.

World of Illusion – These days we have been used to multi player and co-op games where you can join in the fun with your friends. But in the early days of home consoles, these types of video games were few and far between. World of Illusion was obviously a fantastic 2 player side scroller co-op that allowed friends to control Mickey and Donald Duck. Released in 1992 and for the Sega Genesis, this game was a whole lot of Disney fun.

Toy Story — Amazingly, the first Toy Story video was released all the way back in 1995 along with the inevitable movie tie-in-game was released the entire year after on Mega Drive, SNES, Game Boy and PC. This great playing game has brilliant toon for its time and some clever level design. One criticism that older games often get accused of, was that Toy Story was deemed to help hard for younger players.

Kingdom Hearts – Square Enix make a name for themselves over the years with regard to producing some of the best games ever in the form of the Final Fantasy series. So obviously game fans got very thrilled when hearing the company had signed up with forces with Disney to create Empire Hearts. The first game combined personas and elements from the Final Fantasy operation and the Disney universe for an exclusive hybrid. The series is now dokuz instalments in, with a 10th because of in not too distant upcoming.

These are just some of the amazing video games while using Disney Universe that have been released in recent times. Of course , many weren’t included as we just didn’t have time. Recall if you want to see all the characters in real life, why not head to one of the wonderful Disney theme parks.
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All your favs from timeless video game classics will be walking around the park ready to provide hug and a photo. Just remember never to bore them about your tales showing how you were stuck on that one stage for hours on end.

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