Build Your Own Teddy Bear – A Timeless Gift

Keeping kids occupied isn’t always easy. Most of us don’t want our kids elevated by the television or video games, we would like to come up with more interactive and nutritious activities that teach our children to be more creative, dynamic individuals. Each little boys and little girls need these kinds of activities, but today we’ll explain an activity specifically (though not really primarily) for little girls. One great pastime involves that old preferred, the teddy bear. You can create your own workshop for designing and dressing a teddy bear, (or any other filled animal if your child has one more favorite).

You can take several tacks with this project, and you can either use an existing toy from your little girl’s selection, or you can buy a brand new one. This particular works best if you get a new gadget that is “naked” and not already protected in accessories or clothing. First thing you’ll need to do is get the plush bear you’re transforming, and some potential accessories, these can include some of your child’s old clothes, a pair of scissors, ribbons, plus clothing tape. Now that you’ve got that ready, lay the groundwork. Acquire some white sheets of paper and crayons. This can allow you to create blueprints for the tolerate. Start by drawing the bear by itself and then dress it up as if it’s your model. Be creative and use your imagination.
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You could draw an enjoyable beach outfit with a hat and sunglasses, or maybe make it in to a winter bear, with a hat, scarf, gloves and coat. The possibilities are near endless. Use the accessories a person already have and consider carefully what they can be made into.

If you need a further example, just read on to find out what the daughter and I created one afternoon. This was in the middle of winter, and she wanted to make sure that Snuggles, her favorite plush dog, would be warm and looking forward to the cold nights ahead. Therefore the first thing we did was make a couple of drawings until we created one that was perfect. Then we all dressed him up. We had some old baby socks of hers, and so we used them to produce four “booties” for his feet. Some of these were too big for Snuggles, but we made it work by utilizing some pretty matching ribbon to make certain that they were tied on tight. Following, we used an old t-shirt of hers, cut it into a square, and sewed some ribbon around the edges. This created a nice blanket for Snuggles, which we wrapped around his shoulders so that he or she got to be “super dog”. In this way we made sure the blanket more than likely get lost, and Snuggles would get to stay warm!

Next, we decided to make a night cap so that he had been all ready for bed. This was the most difficult of all our accessories to create. Originally we had planned to use one of my shower caps, but it ended up they were all too big for her stuffed puppy’s head. So instead we improvised. We cut the top of just one of her dad’s white socks, and used some ribbon to make a pom on the top. So it appeared as if he was wearing a real winter season cap! Snuggles was one stylish (and warm) stuffed dog! This was really a great activity to keep my daughter busy on a cold winter day, and we created some great memories!

In order you can see, this could be a great activity to suit your needs and your little girl too. It’s also an ideal indoor hobby, for those unpleasant wet or snowy days outdoors. This is a great way spruce up an old toy, or perhaps a fun and creative way to create a new toy!

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