Catalogues are Selling Machines

If you a mailbox, you’re no doubt conscious of the popularity of catalogs. People love to look through catalogs, and more important, they will love to buy from catalogs. But mailing catalogs can be expensive. You’ve got to deliver a lot of them out, and many of them are going to non-productive destinations– in other words, most mailings don’t just go to sure-fire customers. On the other hand, there are lots of ways to get these powerful sales tools in front of all kinds of inspired, eager customers who want what you have got and are ready to slap some cash you are holding to get it. Catalog Distribution indicates exactly what it says: getting your catalogs out where they can generate orders. It’s complicated; in fact , it’s incredibly basic.


1 . Show them to friends.

2 . Show them to neighbors.

3. Keep some with your dry cleaner, doughnut shop, coffee shop, laundromat, and somewhere else you’re a “regular. ” (Offer the owner a percentage of all orders)

four. Show one to your local PTA Chairperson (you could end up with a fund-raising campaign! )

5. Take them to work, especially around the holidays.

6. Inquire if you can leave one in your physician’s office. People love to browse while they wait. (Offer the receptionist a free gift in return for holding the orders for you).

7. Hand out lots of them on bowling night, or at the lodge meeting, or some kind of type of club gathering.

8. If you are familiar with the neighborhood and feel secure, take a Sunday afternoon and move door-to-door.

9. While you’re watching your child’s soccer game, show catalogs to the other parents.

10. In fact , make sure to show the League Director. Once again, you may end up with a lucrative fund-raising campaign.

11. If your job needs you to make deliveries to various homes or businesses, be sure to leave the catalog with the owner, receptionist, or even Receiving Department official at each quit. (Again, you can offer a free gift, or even a percentage of total orders).

12. Hire a crew associated with kids to distribute brochures upon car windshields in parking lots

thirteen. Hire that same crew at hand out brochures at large sporting events, shows, fairs, etc .

14. Take some with you to the beauty salon, gym, suntanning salon, etc . and show them to staff and customers.

15. Ask if you possibly can leave several catalogs in the teacher’s lounges at the local schools.

sixteen. Ask the Human Resources Directors in local companies if you can place catalogues in the employee lounge or lunchroom.

17. Approach merchants at local swap meets who are selling non-competing items. Ask if they would screen your catalog and take orders, for a reasonable percentage

18. Do you have relatives living in different parts of the country? Find out if they would be interested in distributing catalogs using any of these methods, for a percentage, of course.

19. Make a deal with the local newspaper to insert your brochure.

twenty. Anytime you deliver an order, always stuff the order with additional catalogs and/or brochures.

21. At Christmas time, make a deal with the Christmas tree lots to let you distribute catalogs. Same with the pumpkin patches at Halloween.

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Senior citizen communities are a great place to hand out catalogues. Many of the residents aren’t able to get around as well as they used to, and appreciate the opportunity to shop at home. Extend a healthy discounted, too; many senior citizens are on fixed incomes.

23. Many communities have got Welcome Wagon services. Contact those service providers and get your catalog within the Welcome Basket

Certainly you may develop many more ways to successfully distribute your catalogs and brochures. Any way a person come up with is fine, as long as you get your materials into a prospect’s hands.

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