Measures in Immigration Canada – Skilled Worker

How you can Migrate in Canada as a Qualified Worker

There have been so many reasons why individuals are migrating to Canada. Good education, job opportunities and permanent residency are few of them. But we now have this doubt in mind on how to begin your application. Normally we go to a good Immigration representative but shocked of the services fee that would really empty your budget. Actually “representative” or some call it “agencies” would assess in case you are qualified, meaning if they think you happen to be qualified then you are really qualified so why do you need them? They won’t do anything to process your application faster or influence the Canadian Immigration on your eligibility. All we have to do is to know the requirements, read instructions and submit your application.
Benefits of Migrating to North america:

o Stay for 1095 Times and get Canadian Passport
o Free of charge Children education
o Free Medical
o Social Security after 6 months


1 . Check if you are certified – Check if you have worked and have at least one year experience for the last 10 years in a particular occupation listed in the Canadian National Occupational Classification. The majority of the websites of immigration representatives includes a free online assessment.
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Make use of them, it’s free. Or they might request you to submit your CV or Cv to their sales or customer representative. Don’t hesitate to submit it by email. If they contact you either by phone or email, meaning they may be interested in you because you are simply qualified. Try online assessment for a minimum of three times with different websites to check your eligibility.
2 . Fill out Applications – Application forms are free in Citizenship and Immigration Canada internet site.
3. Find your Visa Workplace in your area – There will be list of requirements to be attached to your application forms as per your Visa Office i. e., birth certificates, police certificate, relationship contract if applicable, etc .
four. Pay your Application Fee – You might now pay by Cash or perhaps a Credit Card. Application Fees for each person above 22 years old is 550 Canadian Dollars and 150 Canadian Dollars for less than 22 years of age.

Note: After your application is submitted, it will take 1 to 3 months (from the particular date the Centralized Intake Workplace receives your application) for you to receive a response. Your case will be evaluated by the authorities for completeness plus eligibility. In case your application is not considered eligible for processing, you will receive a letter outlining the reasons and instructions upon obtaining a refund of the Processing Charge. If you application is considered eligible, then you will receive correspondence from the centralized Intake Office, you should start gathering the required documents stated in their letter which usually also includes your File Number.

If an immigration interview is necessary in your case, you will be notified by email or email. Usually you will need to verify your attendance to the interview. You need to attend the interview.
Tip: Take a look at completed application form (make sure you create a copy before you submit to the Visa for australia Office). Be prepared to answer general and specific questions relating to your job. Before the interview, try to search for a job in Canada read about the Culture, tradition and lifestyle and show proof that you are already doing that is to manifest an effort that you are working for simply adaptability in Canada.

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