Within Canada, Immigration Information And Data To Be Made More Accessible Regarding Public

The majority of the labor organizations and politicians were criticizing the Canadian government regarding immigration rules and regulations. They appealed big scale violation of the immigration regulation in Canada. They also pointed fingertips towards the activities of the federal government, the ministry dealing with immigration and the manpower agencies involved in this whole event of immigration in Canada. For that reason as part and parcel of government promised commitment to transparency plus openness, a new online portal can be readily available with all types of data and information related to immigration in Canada.

It is to be noted that one of the most sought after sets of data and information in Canada is the immigration data and information. The new on the internet portal gives unprecedented direct access for your public to government information and data. The new next generation will feel actually comfortable with Open data portal. The important information and data about immigration to Canada can be easily seen through the new Open Data portal that comes with remarkable tools.
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The Canadian government and its concerned ministry of immigration have wholeheartedly invited the citizen to visit the new portal and make use of the information and data that is made readily available for them. The provided and updated information and data are relevant and useful to almost all. It gives great scope in learning the rules and regulations, dos and don’ts, regular updated version, etc regarding immigration in Canada.

On the new website, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has readily made available, the six most downloaded datasets for the Canadians. It is to be noted that the datasets comes with application inventories, scheduled processing times, settlement patterns, preferred migration programs, Canada’s immigrants’ countries of origin, and many more. It is to be recalled that already these data plus information are a big hit among the citizens of Canada.

At the G-8 Leaders Summit that recently concluded in Northern Ireland, the Canadian Prime minister Harper has generally with much interest promoted a worldwide Open Data Charter of Concepts. Minister related immigration; Kenney offers highlighted the significance of making immigration details readily available to Canadians. The said Charter perfectly commits Canada in order to immediately release of more details through a comprehensive online registry of data holdings. This portal provides users with unrestricted rights in order to reuse that information. Moreover, the mentioned charter also fixes standards intended for prioritize high value data types with regard to early release plus data high quality, comparability and interoperability.

The new Open up Data portal meets the global standards and commitment to open authorities and transparency. It also meets the needs of the said chapter. The datasets are made available in such a manner that will visitors needn’t go pillar in order to pillar for gathering information related to immigration to Canada. It is an one-stop portal for all immigration details at the click of a button from your home or even workplace. All your queries and uncertainties are readily answered with excellence. The team behind the development of this particular new portal offers really created the online site inside a simple and attractive manner for simple understanding by a common man.

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