Avoiding The Gift Card Default Answer

In our hectic, every day world, we’re bombarded with consumer imagery – buying gifts online, giving gift cards, and going after the Must Have Gadget. This is one of the major leaders in Christmas gift giving stress, with Black Friday coming up in a few several weeks, it’s probably niggling at the back of your mind as well.

Focus back on the fundamentals is our advice. Don’t give gifts because you have to give them. Give gifts that reflect how you feel in regards to a person for those who are most important to you, plus save the gift cards to get “gifts of obligation”.

When focusing on a gift giving guide, think about the tenor of your relationship. Is there a book or movie that you’d like to talk about with this particular person? Then buy the book including a card in it to talk to them about it later. Or buy the DVD AND BLU-RAY of the movie, and make a demonstration out of making a movie date from it.

Does this person have a hobby that they’re passionate about? Do you have the time to invest 30 minutes on Google to find out more about it? Or maybe exchange emails with a couple of others who share the hobby to get all of them something special? This highlights the part of gift giving that actually takes function: The research.

Remember also that it’s not the product that’s important, it’s the intention, as well as the circumstances. In this way, it’s often better to provide your gift early, say December 20th, before your recipient gets inundated with parcels, and make a quiet, intimate moment out of giving and receiving.

In a similar light, consider gifts that support causes the individual you’re giving to supports. You can find, for example , programs that let you buy tools at Home Depot and have a portion of the proceeds go towards redevelopment programs in New Orleans, or carbon offsets in the Third World. In case your recipient has a child, consider getting all of them the One Laptop Per Child personal computer, with the option that for every 1 you buy, you pay for two, with the extra one going to a third globe child.

Finally, save the present cards for people who don’t convey enough about what they want to make this sort of insight easy. Even then, consider getting present cards with no expiration dates : a surprisingly high percentage of gift cards expire without actually being redeemed – nearly forty percent of them, according to the Consumer Protection Agency
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