Stones and Their Healing Properties

This stone has been used to strengthen the heart, gives courage. It is recognized in Brazil that Agate reduces the fever and has even the exact same properties as refreshing pure water. It also has been used to sharpen the vision, lightens the mind, allows fervor, and helps in finding treasures. The particular mossy Agate increases the vitality. Furthermore, the amulets are useful in numbness and mental sickness. This rock, has been said, to strengthen the strength of the sun of its holder, enhancing his self-esteem, as well as his/her sexual interest.

It is the stone of the clairvoyants, the mystics of pure spirit that can feel anything of the psychological vision clarity and its omniscience. It’s been used for the eyes. It’s recommended to be used next to the heart so it can influence the solar plexus. It helps against the nervous aches, organ dysfunctions, neck problems, chin and the tonsils, against teeth pain, coughs plus stomach pain. It protects our own service people.


Dark-green range. Its been said to uncover lies and mistakes of people close to all of us. Its name comes from Czar Alexandre II. It’s been useful for nervous system and eases various types of cancer.

It helps to improve body expression. The use has been said to ease plus calm the brain and the nervous program. It strengthens the heart and the actual physical body. It helps on birth shipping. It accentuates masculine qualities. Good for whom is involved in artistic activities.

It’s a fossilized liquid draw out of a pine tree that been around millions of years ago. Inside this resin there were found small insects, plants and seeds of the pre-historic period.
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Its been said that amber retains the power to push away entire body diseases. It’s beneficial to lay an item on a part of the body that’s unbalanced or in pain. It will soak up the negative energy and will assist the body to reestablish itself. It is . been recommended to people with a taking once life tendency or destructiveness.

It’s the symbol of the third eye that will sees everything. It has been said to soothe sadness, resentment and depression. It holds a calming effect when the mind is in an oppressed state. It is also the stone of the realization of private resolutions. It helps with insomnia.

This stone and it is radiant dark blue tone offers helped with shifting to conscious thought, to purify the mind and the spirit. It has also been stated, activates probably the most elevated thought, enriching the spirit. It can be applied on every part of the body, which is physically blocked.

Mineral has been used to assist in relieving the state of grief. It has been utilized to place in the king’s chamber of the great pyramid. It has been used to promote startling truths and memories surging to the surface of the conscious mind.

It favors the amplitude of our mental power. It’s the rock of our lymphatic system and it has been said to helps our renal functionality.

The energy is similar to the sun: It warms and gives life. Connected to the physical plus material power, it can attract wealth. It said its been helpful for problems as bad digestion, renal infection and in the bladder, constipation and other stomach problems. It’s the most indicated for earthly issues-business, interpersonal romantic relationships or familiar matters.

Utilized around the neck, it has said the been used for anemia and entire body debility. It can be helpful against envy, and it helps in case of infertility. Its usage is also recommended for any harmonic relationship with nature.

Good for distracted and unfocused. It has been stated that it helps the mind stay in the present moment. And can be within cases of impotence and sex weakness. For the shy or courageousness people, its been used for the strengthening of the voice and self-esteem.

It’s a feminine stone that represents the water and the moon, from the passive and emotional. Its been said its ideal in case of normal feminine issues, such as discomfort, minimize, depression and birth labor. This favors the emotional balance; it alleviates sadness and rage, swapping these feelings for forgiveness and comprehension.

The been stated that it stimulates libido. And also, its been written, the stone for the sexual organs plus used for sexual diseases. Good for eyesight problems.

Quartz Crystal
The natural white light emitted through it contains all colors so it has regenerative and energizing qualities. It’s well suited for therapy sessions. It has a radiant aura, very strong, recommended to balance the atmosphere. It’s the crystal of mystic knowledge and clairvoyance.

Its been stated it strengthens cerebral functions. It breaks the obstacles in the coronary CHAKRA and in the personality. It’s a great healer. It pushes away the negative thoughts. It purifies the physical and ethereal body. It reflects the divine aspects of willingness and energy. It purifies and cleans. This enhances physical power and gives bravery.

It’s the stone that has been utilized for the realization of great projects and of success of commercial enterprises. It has been stated its good for use of digestion system diseases.

This stone can be rich in calcium and magnesium. Novice written its favorable for the use of the particular bones and of the skeleton advancement and for the muscles. Good for people with vulnerable teeth or with cavities.

Emerald green
It has stated it helps to develop a great body and to revitalize the actual physical body after sever sickness and lack of exercise. It normalizes the arterial pressure. Its been useful for eye infections. Its constant make use of favors the acquisition of wealth and richness.

Originated from volcano’s, its useful for the treatment of respiratory diseases for example asthma, pneumonia, sore throat, etc . The been used to help purifies your body from harmful toxins and it helps to reinforce the articulation.

Its already been used to fight against any kind of mental disorder, as well as helps to develop the conscience. Its useful to arrange thoughts and prevent excessive distraction.

It’s been used as a powerful transmitter of mental vibrations and of paranormal experiences such as telepathy, etc .

It mementos the circulatory system of people with poor blood or with tendency to asthma. Its usage is also recommended for the treatment of nervous frailty or maybe the general weakness of the body. It injects good humor, vitality also it makes the character more docile plus joyful.

Its useful for the treatment of various hormonal malfunction or infections, espy for the sexual organs (venereal diseases). Its been recommended to decorate next to the body as it reinvigorates the spirit and communicates beauty and joy to the personality.

Heliotropy or Bloody Jasper
It’s a good rock for cold weather, when people feel frosty and has little energy. Its most well-known usage, its been stated to avoid hemorrhages. It gives courage, calms nervous and eliminates anger.

This particular stone stimulates the concentration as well as the development of the psychic potentialities. It helps to achieve a high grade of mysticism and to unveil dark aspects of the particular personality.

Magical, powerful and healing properties have always been attributed to it. It has been used in the belly switch to help prevent stomachaches.

It’s a great stone to be used next to the center. Its objective is to prepare the self-esteem to be eternally expressive. They have the ability to create balance between the thoughts and the heart. Its been said to calm down the anger, nervous and fear.

Lapis Lazuli
It’s the rock of contemplation and meditation. They have great properties of purification. This attracts the mind into the interior for your search of its own power resource.

Petrified Wood
It’s said to be the blood toner. It helps to create a good state of animation during day time activities. Its been said it has been good when applied against psychological fatigue.

It absorbs power. When applied on sick or painful areas, it has been said it can draw out energy and brings out the psycho-emotional motives that provoke discomfort. May help free the diaphragm pressure and restores a deep breathing.

Its assisted the digestive system against dysfunctions or even illness like: cramps, ulcer, or Tendencies to irritability to rest the mind after a period of intense work.

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