HEPA Vacuum Cleaners – The Manhattan Task is Still Providing Benefits

The particular HEPA vacuum cleaners differ from other vacuums in the way their exhaust gases are treated. The purpose behind this specific filter was to help deal with the particular dust and small particles that were being redeposited during the vacuum process of a place.

A standard vacuum cleaner has essentially worked the same since they were firs introduced. Suction was created that draws in the dirt and it is trapped in the bag for collection. The air goes down the hose, through the bag, and out the exhaust port. Most of the bags that are used to collect the dirt particles are made of cloth or even paper. This has been the filtration system for the air. The extra fine dust that permeated this bag can be then redeposited back into the air making a layer of fine dust in the area that was just cleaned.

Places such as hospitals and doctors’ offices have got special needs and cleanliness is one of them.
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Vacuums that would redeposit these types of fine dust particles, along with mold spores were unacceptable. This is when a good inventor realized that applying a secondary filter on the exhaust air of a vacuum would help reduce the redepositing of the dust that the collection bag let us by. The best filter for this work was found to be the one that the US government used to filter the air at the flower that manufactured the atomic bomb. This was the HEPA filter or even High Efficient Particle Air filter.

To be a true HEPA filter, it must pass a test where 99. 97% of all particles, 0. 3 micrometers and larger, are trapped. The true HEPA filters are given serial quantities and have the test results printed for the filter itself. This is the easiest way to recognize true HEPA vacuum cleaners from one that is just in name only.

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