How to Make Hip Hop Beats Step by Step

The fantastic thing about this genre of music, and a big part of what makes it so popular, is that the fundamental rules to laying down a great hip hop sound allows for a lot of creative expression since they are so flexible.

In fact, what it really comes down to is simply understanding of what the best modern artists are doing and then using your imagination. Listen to the greats, apply the fundamentals, and you too can make great beats. By training your ear to listen out for what the industry wants, you can create your own unique production style. Here are 5 simple steps to follow:

1. The first step in creating your hip hop beat is to create a drum beat. The most basic part of any hip hop song is the drums.
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You can create your drum beat using a pre-recorded drum loop, midi-drums, or a completely new drum loop that you just made with your own beat making program. It is absolutely essential that your beat be about two to four measures long in order to create a solid foundation for you new hip hop beat.

2. Secondly, lay down your bass groove on top of your drums. Your bass line should match your drum beat, be loop-based and catchy. Your bass line is just as important as your drums. If you are getting started download a royalty free bass line online or you can create an original beat with your program. Great! Now that you have your drums and bass you can really start getting creative.

3. The next step is how to add the orchestration. When learning how to make hip hop beats, you will soon realize that this is any musical sound or element that is situated on top of your basic beat. Now you can use any instrument from a harp to a harmonica. Plus, you can add any type of sound that adds to the piece and complements your other beats.

4. Now it is time to add a few samples. Every hip hop beat usually includes some kind of sampling. Often created by another artist, a sample is a small piece, or snippet, of pre-recorded music. You must be sure though to get permission or you could get into trouble with copyright laws. Add your samples to your beat.

5. Your last step in learning how to make hip hop beats is to add some effects. Your effects can add to the originality of your music and there are many to choose from. Some of the standard options include reverb, delay, and compression.

OK! You have now learned how to make hip hop beats! You know about the basic elements that define your sound, the drums and bass. You know how to add orchestration and instruments, then samples, and finally your effects. Look out music world, here you come. Please remember us when you make it to the top.

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