7 Outstanding Things You Can Do Using Your iPhone

Your iPhone is an amazing gadget which can be modified to do things that it is not in fact built for. Even after the release from the unofficial hacks and tricks, there are dozens coming out weekly, making apple iphone a complete smart phone for its users. Here is a compilation of some of the best hacks for the iPhone.

1 . Build a Solar-powered iPhone Charger
IPhone hacks have not also spared the charging of the iPhone. With the help of some equipment, you can develop a solar powered charger for your iPhone. This can save energy in one situation and it can also help you charge if you don’t have any electricity access. There is a great deal you can do with your iPhone.

2 . Wireless Music Remote
Music has now become one of the most essential part of fun. What could be better than the fact that you can convert your iPhone into a wireless music remote? With just a router, iPhone and a little step-by-step guide you could make your iPhone work as a Wireless Songs Remote.

3. Using iPhone being a Wireless Router for your Laptop
Access to the internet wireless can be made available on your apple iphone. Your iPhone is a box associated with magical tricks and turning it into an invisible router can make your life easy and certainly wireless. You can easily connect the iPhone together with your internet to make the wireless internet around your home available at your laptop.

four. Home Automation Using the iPhone and X10
Have you imagined automating your home with a device in your palms? IPhone has given this thought a chance to become reality. Here’s more on how to hack an iphone text messages look into our own webpage.
With the help of the step-by-step assistance, you can convert your iPhone, using X10, into a Home automation gadget.

5. RC Car Controlled Via the Web
Remote controllable items had been thought to be controlled only via remote control in the limited area but apple iphone has changed this thinking as well by allowing you to control your RC Vehicle connecting via internet through your iPhone. The RC Car can be controlled even from a distance of 1640 feet.

6. Controlling a Car using your iPhone
IPhone has not even spared things that are not even controllable by using a remote, but using the iPhone app and a little gadget attached to your vehicle, you can control your car, even when you are not in it.

7. Make a Laser Matrix Projector for the iPhone
Laser matrix projector is one more device you are able to convert your iPhone into. Using the iPhone app in combination with a little help from a few devices, your iPhone can work like a Laser matrix projector.

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