How to Fix the iPhone 4 Rear Panel

Your iPhone 4 offers a remarkable case, yet if you’re just like our founder, Jordan, and you just dropped your iPhone 4 smashing the actual glass of the rear panel, here’s how to restore it very easily. You will have to have a couple of tools, but the process shouldn’t require more than 30 minutes when you have the correct parts. This is also a cool technique to change up your iPhone if you opt to buy a rear panel that’s clear or metal so you can view the internal parts of an iPhone 4 or have a little something totally different. Here is the way to lift off the back panel and put on a new panel:

Required Tools:
Phillips #00 Screwdriver (if iPhone has external Phillips screws) or 5-Point Pentalobe Screwdriver (if iPhone has external pentalobe screws). This is merely because Apple changed the type of screws at a point so you are going to need the correct screwdriver to remove the various type of screws. Also, you will require a iPhone 4 Rear Glass Panel.

5 Basic Steps to Change the Rear Panel:

1. Check if your manufacturer’s warranty is not expired. If you choose to remove and restore your back panel, Apple would have the right to void your current warranty. If the warranty is valid, simply take your iPhone 4 to Apple for the free repair.

2. Shut off your iPhone.

3. Remove the two 3.6 Phillips Screws next to the Dock Connector.

4. Carefully press the rear panel toward the top side of the iPhone 4. The panel should just move around 2mm.

5. Lift the rear panel off the iPhone.

6. Put in the new panel on.

7. To close up the case, simply follow these directions in reverse.

There are some fantastic mod protective cases that we’ve used over and over to help our customers. To apply a brand new mod rear panel, you would simply buy a brand new back panel other than the authentic Apple iPhone 4 back panel and subsequently continue with the steps to take off the original back panel. The sole disclaimer is when you remove the rear cover, it will void the warranty in case you have viable warranty. We generally put the genuine case we have described from iFixit, but our team’s favorite mod protection cases would be the clear view panel in the iFixit online site and the metal real panel via (a Hong Kong OEM company). However, we have heard the metal may impact your radio signals
In case you have any kind of concerns relating to in which as well as the best way to work with iPhone warranty check, you can email us with our own webpage.

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