Commemorative Customized Mugs

Customized mugs are great gifts for major holidays and small occasions alike. Everyone can always use a new coffee mug. It is the rare small, inexpensive gift that will always be appreciated. Mugs are suitable as gifts for groups or individuals, especially if they are personalized. Customized coffee mugs cost less per piece if they are ordered in bulk. This makes them fun alternatives to typical party favors at daytime gatherings.

Bridal and baby showers have become notorious for being excessive and occasionally tacky. Guests are sent home with knickknacks that are cute but not actually useful. Customized mugs set the tone for a low-key day and automatically become gifts for the party attendees to take home with them. Mugs are especially fun to use at a baby shower if the event is going to be alcohol-free out of respect for the mother-to-be.
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The host could set out mugs with coffee or fancy cappuccino already in them. She could also offer an assortment of cocoas and artisanal teas to make up for the lack of alcohol. Serving these beverages in novelty mugs indicates to guests that the party is not less fun just because no one is getting drunk.

The mugs could even be used to announce the gender and name of the new baby. It has become somewhat common to hold small events at which this information is revealed to family members and close friends. Usually, the baby’s gender is revealed when an iced cake is cut to reveal either pink or blue inside. Instead of using cake, the expectant mother could hand out mugs in the appropriate color. When the party is over, everyone gets to take her mug home with her. Each guest has a memento from the day, and the host has fewer dishes to wash. Getting together with friends becomes difficult as people get older. Any excuse to have a party should be seized. Gender-revealing parties have been criticized for being unnecessary and for feeding into a culture that turns every life event into an expensive gathering, but these parties can be enjoyable and inexpensive when planned properly. A new mother has no time for socializing after her baby is born. She should spend as much time as possible with her friends while she still can.

Mugs can be used in a similar manner at a bigger event, such as a wedding reception. Casual, DIY weddings have become very popular lately, and personalized coffee mugs can set a wedding apart from other weddings that have similar indie aesthetics. Many couples like to send their guests home with favors that have their names and wedding dates printed on them. Instead of handing out t-shirts that will never be worn, couples should give their friends mugs instead. The proper way to end a large party is to serve coffee and turn the lights down low. The newlyweds could subtly let their guests know that the reception is coming to an end by serving coffee or tea in commemorative mugs. The mugs would suit the kind of homey, quirky events that many fashionable young adults envision when they plan their weddings. Personalized mugs chip away at the formality that used to be associated with events like weddings. Today’s young adults approach major milestones with humor, and personalized coffee mugs make weddings and baby showers look less like the parties that their parents used to plan and attend.

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