Sheer Curtains – Bring the Sassy Back to Your Bedroom

Deciding on the ideal window treatment can be a tricky and often overwhelming proposition. Sometimes the d├ęcor of a room cries out for a specific window covering that may not be appropriate for another room. But whatever you are considering, don’t forget to add to the decoration mix sheer curtains as a possibility for any window. Sheers allow the interior decorator a great deal of design flexibility that can result in stunning and dramatic effects.

Ultimately, your choice of fabric will allow give help you create the desired mood of the room you are decorating. Maybe you want to combine privacy with sufficient illuminating effects that make for a perfect ambiance for reading the newspaper over morning coffee. Or perhaps you want just a bit of light filtering pleasantry, but not so much as to rob you of your cherished views. Sheer curtains, independent of color, can provide the perfect solution.

There are other practical impacts of sheer curtains as well. They are ideal for the living area filled with indoor plants and designer furnishings. They allow enough suns entry to supply the needs of your interior greenery, but filter out the deleterious force of the sun so as not to damage your expensive furniture.

Sheer curtains can be used in addition to other darker curtains. A lace sheer curtain is a nice accoutrement to a burgundy base curtain, for example. Many home decorators use sheers mostly as an extra decorative flair and not as a primary window covering. The lightness and variety of this material allow you to play with fabrics to achieve just the right look and feel for any room. Use sheer panels on the edges of your windows, for example, to soften the features and create a relaxing atmosphere.

Referring to relaxation, what better place to carry out that theme than in the comfort of your own bedroom. The soothing effects of sheer curtains made of silk, for instance, can help send you off into slumber land. Likewise, sheers make for an easy transition to nap time or midday reverie in a day room.

One of the advantages of adding sheer curtains to your home is that they can be relatively inexpensive when compared to some of the heavier curtain material. Sheer fabrics allow you to decorate on a limited budget when compared to the cost of other fabrics, blinds, shutters, shades and the like. They are a great way to get you started down the road to widow decorating without breaking the bank.

So when reviewing all the window covering possibilities, give sheer curtains a fair shake. Even if you have the resources to splurge on other treatments, sheers can stand on their own against all comers. Their combination of attractiveness, light filtering fabrics and mood creating qualities make them a wonderful option for anyone and any room
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