Popular Printed Mugs

Companies that use promotional gifts in their marketing strategy choose from literally thousands of products that are available from their suppliers. However, by far the most successful products are those that are used daily and printed mugs are high in the ratings.

If you visit a friend’s house one of the first things they will do is put the kettle on to make a drink. Coffee or tea is made in the workplace several times a day so a smart move is for you to make sure that as many people as possible are drinking from your printed mugs. Mugs are manufactured in many different materials including china, earthenware, chalk, ceramic, glass, metal and plastic and it is important to choose an item of quality if you want your advertising to be noticed on a long term basis. The method of printing on the mug is also worth consideration because if it wears off quickly its purpose will be destroyed. Common methods of printing are dye sublimation for a rich full colour effect, transfer and screen printing. Your supplier will be able to advise you on the best method of printing for your chosen product.

Thermal mugs are quite popular at the moment not just for travelling but also for general use. They work on the same premise as thermos flasks and are great for use in the office because many of us will make a coffee and then find that we have to take a telephone call or something urgent crops us so the drink gets cold. The lid on the mug is great for preventing spillage en route from the kitchen and on the desk. These mugs are equally efficient in keeping drinks cold.

Make the most of the print space on the mug too. Not only can you print on the outside but also inside and on the bottom of the mug. In this way your brand exposure is increased because the person drinking from the mug will see your branding on the inside of the mug whilst drinking from it and a person sitting opposite will also see it when the mug is lifted, as well as the normal exposure on the outside.

Mugs are such versatile promotional items in colour, style and size that they can be used in almost any type of marketing campaign.
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They are used by practically everyone so you can be assured that all your customers, no matter their age or occupation, will gratefully receive them.

Heat change printed mugs make novel giveaways at Trade Shows and other events where you are likely to offer your visitors a hot drink. What appears to be a plain boring mug is transformed into an advertising masterpiece when hot liquid is poured into it. They are fascinating to watch and will certainly put you one step ahead of your competitors in terms of novel and original giveaways.

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