What Makes a Canvas Print Such a Great and Unique Valentines Day Gift Idea

Canvas Prints

At its most simplest, a canvas print allows you to pick a single picture and have it printed on high quality, woven canvas.
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However, other additional options and canvas prints do exist. Bespoke canvas dimensions are available in up to several metres in length, as well as a very good variety of standard sizes. You can pick any picture, photo, or design, and you can even add your own text in order to make something extra special this Valentines Day.

Photo Montages

Rather than picking a single picture you could create your own photo montage by selecting your favourite pictures and then combining them into one great looking display. Another idea is to use a photo gift printing service that utilises a professional designer or a professional design team in order to create the montage on your behalf. This ensures that you can enjoy the best results while still allowing you the freedom to choose the pictures you want to use.

Pop Art Print

A colourful addition to a canvas comes in the form of a pop art print. Pop art prints do tend to work better with pictures of people, and individual shots or pictures of couples are usually the very best choice in picture. However, the great thing about all forms of photo gift is that the design is entirely up to you – you can choose any picture and apply any of a number of pop art styles to that picture to create a unique and good looking design.

Multi Panel Prints

To create a multi panel print, a single picture is essentially broken down into a number of segments and each segment is printed on a single canvas. The most traditional form of this is the triptych which is a series of three canvases displayed in a row but any number of canvases displayed in any shape can also make great looking multi panel prints.

Choosing Photos For Your Canvas Print

The most important factor in creating a unique Valentines Day gift idea that will look incredible is choosing the right picture or pictures. For Valentines Day gifts it is most common to use a picture of you and your partner together. This picture could have been taken at any point and you can even use the opportunity to update an existing photo, even scanning a picture to update a paper print.

Other Unique Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Canvas prints are truly unique gift ideas but there are many other items that can enjoy similar treatment and similarly high quality results. Bags, blankets, and cushions as well as calendars and photo books and photo albums are among some of the more popular items but again these are just the tip of the iceberg with other fashionable, comfortable, and practical items all making good looking photo gifts.

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