Shopping For Furniture

Planning Furniture For A Room

Each room that requires furnishing begins as an empty space. Filling these open spaces with furniture takes a bit of strategic planning. Try to get a sense of the room’s major function. Bedrooms, for example, focus solely on comfort. This is the one room in the house where comfort helps determine the type of furniture that will fill the needs of its occupants. Planning should include room size, window and door locations, as well as lighting. Measure floor space to arrive at an accurate assessment of the number of pieces of furniture that a room can comfortably contain. It’s also important to measure door widths to avoid the problem of furniture that is too wide for entry to the room.

Furniture Styles

Furniture styles vary from contemporary to traditional. Furniture should always compliment the size of the home and room space available as well as personal preference and comfort. Traditional style furniture tends to be more prominent than most contemporary suites. Furniture styles are solely dependent upon personal preference.
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However, styles can vary from room to room and present a complimentary fashion statement. Trends often affect the types of materials from which furniture is constructed.

Light oak, pecan or walnut woods look best in smaller rooms or where lighting is minimal. Dark pines and mahogany compliment larger rooms. So, it’s entirely possible to choose varying materials for different rooms to create the best effect. Antique furniture rarely goes out of fashion and holds its character for long periods of time. Modern furniture styles accent light, airy chrome or glass that coordinate well with today’s lighter look in furnishings. Yet, modern furniture is also highly functional and less formal. When choosing traditional furniture, determine the degree of personal formality that is will be maintained for regular use. This is usually the determining factor in the type of furniture that will be purchased. Furniture is the heart of a home for most people.

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