May Hypnotherapy Help Me With My Anxiety attacks?

Hypnotherapy has been used for thousands of years, in various forms, throughout a variety of cultures. Modern hypnotherapy was endorsed as a medical procedure within the mid 20th century by both British and American Medical Associations. By 1995, the NIH issued a statement that scientific proof favored the use of hypnotherapy for chronic pain.

While hypnotherapy is still regarded an alternative medical practice, and does not have enough medical research to confirm it as a proven medical treatment – hypnotherapy is accepted within many Psychology and Medical circles being a valid and effective therapy.

How does Hypnotherapy for Panic Attacks Work?

Within the professional hypnotherapy community, the current approved method of hypnotherapy to cure Panic Attacks is called Analytical Hypnotherapy, or Hypnoanalysis.

This kind of hypnotherapy is actually a very concentrated and intensive form of talk treatment that places the patient in a safe and secure environment, and then seeks to walk the patient, using hypnosis, through the procedure for identifying the underlying cause of the patient’s panic attacks, anxiety, or phobia.

The theory is that once the underlying cause of the particular anxiety is identified and decreased, all of the associated symptoms (phobia, anxiety and panic attacks) will also become dramatically reduced as well.

The treatment regimen using hypnosis can be a very long, intense, and costly process. However , much like regular psychotherapy, this is a process that will help the patient in order to self-examine and identify what the way to obtain the fear and anxieties are. The addition of hypnosis can serve to deepen and intensify that process.

Technological Evidence

Unfortunately, hypnotherapy is a poorly understood and poorly studied type of therapy. There are only very few studies that offer anything conclusive regarding the effectiveness of hypnotherapy to cure panic and anxiety attacks. Several studies have reported that hypnosis does reduce anxiety and persistent pain. Other research has suggested that hypnotherapy might not be as effective because group therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy. However , there is certainly enough study to suggest that hypnotherapy can have a substantial impact for many people.

Can Hypnotherapy Cure my Panic Attacks?

Much of the discussion surrounding hypnotherapy is the argument that will studies have not represented whether Hypnotherapy can produce positive results that go beyond the particular placebo effect (positive results without doing anything). However , given that Hypnotherapy can produce positive results for some people at all is important enough for people suffering from panic attacks to significantly consider it as a form of treatment. Set up benefits of hypnotherapy are due to merely a psychological placebo effect – the results, for you, would still be the same. If you are seeking relief from symptoms of anxiety and panic, which process results in relief, it doesn’t really matter if the effects are solely psychological – obviously this approach works for you, and that’s what matters.

There is enough anecdotal evidence to suggest, at least, that hypnotherapy may be a powerful and effective therapy to deal with the source of what is causing anxiety and panic attacks in your life.

Simply try out one or two hypnotherapy sessions, and get the feel for whether or not the therapy has any impact on your sense associated with well being and anxiety.
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If you find that this hypnotherapy appears to lead to a greater feeling of calmness – then it works, and you should stick to this form of therapy.

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