The advantages to Promoting Physical Goods As an Affiliate Marketer

A large majority of online purchases are actually intended for physical, tangible goods that have to become shipped to the consumer, so it is astonishing that a lot of affiliate marketers will avoid advertising these types of products. One of the main reasons they avoid promoting physical goods is because sales on these products typically offers a much lower commission percentage compared with sales on digital products.

Physical Goods vs . Digital Products

First, it is important to think about the metrics of the industries behind both of these distinct types of products that affiliates can promote. Producers of electronic products have very low costs associated with the particular creation of their products. In general, their own only major costs may be wages or possibly marketing expenses. Digital products are often made by individuals who get to keep all the income that results from the sale.

The world of tangible goods is very different. A manufacturer actually the actual product, often in a factory associated with some type. Immediately, these manufacturers have got costs for their facilities and income, along with a basic cost to actually make each product. In nearly all situations, the manufacturer is not actually selling their own product directly to the consumer. This alone is a major difference from digital products, since the producer is typically is the vendor as well.

Each different goods market can differ, especially considering some goods are only made in specific countries. As a result, you can find often even more costs added to the cost of a product for importing and distribution. Once the product lands in the possession of the retailer that actually sells this to consumers, it can easily increase in price numerous times compared with the actual manufacturer selling price.
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Affiliate Commission Rates

After these two different markets are understood, it is easier to understand how they can offer vastly different commission rates. A producer and seller of a digital product may offer 50 percent or even 70% commission to an affiliate marketer for selling their product, however they have extremely low costs to get that product on the market. Even more therefore , it doesn’t cost them anything to produce a particular quantity. Digital goods are simply made one time and then reproduced without any expenses at all.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, physical goods already have a lot of costs built into their cost. The reality of the situation is that retailers of these tangible items do not really place a huge markup on their costs. Their actual profits from the sale of a single item may only become 15% – 20% compared with almost 100% profit from digital product sales.

Consequently, physical goods do not have a lot of extra profit their costs to share with affiliates. Even though an affiliate may only become earning 4% – 10% of the total sale amount, that may really be 50% of the profits that a dealer is making from the sale.

The Real Affiliate Benefits From Promoting Physical Products

There are two major reasons why it is more beneficial for affiliates to promote actual physical goods over digital products. All those reasons are the cost of physical products and their demand.

Most electronic products do not have prices above $100, and the ones that do will typically not have frequent sales. With physical goods, the story is quite different. The prices associated with tangible items have much more range ranging from very cheap to downright expensive. The cheap products can be very simple to sell, even though the actual earnings from those sales may be low. However , expensive products can offer extremely high-paying commissions, even with the low percentage rates.

The good news for affiliates is that people actually want to buy physical goods on the internet. Prices for these products are often lower than those found in retail stores because the online stores have lower expenses. This means that individuals actually go to the internet to find discounted prices on things they want to buy. All an affiliate marketer has to do is definitely get in the position to direct these types of consumers to an online retailer that provides a competitive price.

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