Where you can Sell Digital Products Online

Electronic products are available almost everywhere you seem. Where to sell your digital product is partly determined by the precise type of digital product you’ve got for sale – applications tend to sell better in the relevant app stores or places like Amazon – but a lot of products could be sold almost anywhere that can get money.


These can be sold in places like Amazon – possibly as an electronic Kindle book or a print on demand physical book via their CreateSpace division. The particular slightly weird thing about this would be that the printed version is digital till a buyer decides to buy this. Then a single copy is created to order.

There are other platforms intended for eBooks including distributors like Smashwords.

Or you could sell a PDF version of an eBook on your own web site using PayPal or a vendor like ClickBank or E-junkie.

The advantage of marketing on your own site is that you get the title and email address of the purchaser and can market other digital products for them over time.


If you create software or have it created for you, you can sell it on your own site or within marketplaces such as ClickBank in the same way as eBooks.

There are also specialist marketplaces for example Code Canyon who will include your product in their listings so long as you fit into one of their categories. For more in regards to Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 have a look at our own webpage.
There are also other set up software vendors such as Digital River who will offer your product to be able to their affiliates.

Video courses

They are probably my favourite digital product to generate.

They’re easy to make once you’ve learned the (very few) technicalities of the screen capture program.

And they’re well received by your audience.

As well as marketing them from your own site – you’ve probably spotted a recurring theme on that suggestion – there are various additional outlets you can explore.

If your electronic video can be authored to meet their particular requirements then you can send a DVD master to CreateSpace and they will place it on Amazon’s Instant Video platform.

Another option that I’ve utilized to deliver video content is Udemy.

They host your videos plus handle all the subscription and payment details. You then get a royalty in much the same way as you do for Kindle products. Your digital movie course will be featured in their market and can also be offered via their own affiliates.

If you do choose to market your digital product on Udemy, you can use their site to create discount coupons in order to encourage an early uptake of subscribers. The number of subscribers will then get demonstrated alongside your main listing which increases the social proof.

Audio products

Place be listed in podcast sites along with being sold on your own site.

Unfortunately Apple’s iTunes store doesn’t currently allow you to directly charge for podcasts however they aren’t the only place to sell podcasts and you can do a workaround on the Apple company store by following the same route as bands use to publish their paths.

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