Cellular phone Stun Gun Saves Single Mom From Drug Crazed Son

Sometimes when people think of self defense they immediately think of firearms. However , in many instances a gun is far from superior. While it possesses some measure of control over certain situations, its use often comes with great cost.

Non-Lethal Weapons on the other hand, can be utilized even on people that we don’t want to permanently harm. Such was the case for one single mother through Minnesota, whose son had begun experimenting with psychedelic drugs. “He arrived home late” she told the police, “and just started going berserk! He started throwing things and striking through the walls. Then, when I attempted to calm him down, he put me to the ground! ” The lady got up and called 911, and when her son came towards her, she pulled out the cellular phone stun gun that she lately purchased and dropped him towards the ground with it. He then told her that when she used it on him once again he would kill her. To this she replied, “If you get up once again, I’m going to use it again! ” The girl son remained on the floor until police arrived. After which one police officer informed her that if she hadn’t been holding her stun gun, that the lady very well might have been killed!

This is yet another perfect example of non-lethal weapons allowing for far more control in potentially chaotic situations. Many people would even move so far as to say that non-lethal weaponry are better than guns in just about all situations. The fact of the matter is that there are many reasons to temporarily incapacitate an attacker, but not nearly as many great actually kill an attacker. Not only that, but non-lethal weapons also eliminate a lot of liability on the user associated with such weapons.
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If you kill somebody in self defense, there is still a possibility that the courts may not see it that way, however if you simply shoot somebody with a taser, you will still have sufficient time to get away from you attacker, but if the courts believe that you have unlawfully attacked someone, your penalty will be far less harsh!

Other examples of non-lethal weapons being superior to lethal weapons are situations where a family member or buddy is mistaken for an attacker. There are a lot of women (and men) out there which are afraid to own a gun, simply because they are scared of accidentally using it around the wrong person. Many of these people are living there lives, without owning any form weapon for self defense whatsoever. Non-lethal weapons solve this problem.

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